half magic

the film work of spencer macdonald


I am a filmmaker/director born in NYC, based in Berlin/San Francisco, and currently on my twenty-seventh lap around the sun.

The son of an oil painter and an architect, I have been steeped in the conceptual and functional from an early age. My interest in film began while living with 18 Buddhist nuns in a remote section of the Indian Himalayas. In windowless kitchens, ancient dried-up riverbeds, and mountains high above the tree line, I began to capture snippets of life in a way that resonated with my chattering mind.

My passions, interests and inspirations change daily, but my goal with film will always be the same: to momentarily take you out of your individualized perception of the world, and immerse you in another way of seeing.

(portrait by Zach Kramer)


Select Press


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National Geographic's Short Film Showcase: 'Age of the Farmer'
Official selection Environmental Film Festival: 'Age of the Farmer'
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Official selection Best Coast Film Festival: 'Age of the Farmer'
Alaska Airlines' SIFF Channel (In-Flight Entertainment): 'Age of the Farmer'
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Official Selection Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 2017: 'Conservation Generation'
Official selection Telluride Mountainfilm 2017: 'Conservation Generation'
Official selection Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2018: 'Conservation Generation'