half magic

the film work of spencer macdonald


I am a 26-year-old filmmaker born in NYC, raised in San Francisco and currently hopping between Berlin, Portland, and San Francisco.

My interest in film began on my journey through the Indian Himalayas to reach the remote collection of villages known as Zanskar. As I sat in the Karsha nunnery with the Buddhist nuns that I taught English to every day, it became more and more clear that the only way to convey this way of life to my family and friends back home was through filming them. So that's what I did.

What began as a desire to harness the most powerful storytelling medium of our time, has also developed into a love of its use for self-expression. Film is the most potent vehicle I've found to communicate on every level: viscerally, visually, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually.

My goal is to use film to shed light on otherwise undocumented environmental, cultural and social phenomena; and thereby inspire change. All of my films/videos have been for projects that I truly believe will improve our planet and its inhabitants.

Since picking up a video camera, I have shot and/or edited videos for a variety of organizations, ranging from National Geographic and Airbnb, to local nonprofits and organic farms. Currently, I run The People's Lens, our new video storytelling initiative to give a voice to environmentally, culturally and socially conscious organizations in Portland and beyond. I also have a collaboration with Eva Verbeeck called Ambedo. I am represented commercially by Avocados and Coconuts.

For inquiries about projects, collaborations or anything else, don't hesitate to connect with me.

(portrait photo by Zach Kramer)


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