half magic

the film work of spencer macdonald


I am a director born in NYC, raised in San Francisco, based in Berlin, and currently on my twenty-eighth lap around the sun.

The son of an oil painter and an architect, I have been steeped in the conceptual and functional from an early age. My interest in film began while living with 18 Buddhist nuns in a remote section of the Indian Himalayas, known as Zanskar. In windowless kitchens, ancient dried-up riverbeds, and mountains high above the tree line, I learned the manual settings on my point-and-shoot camera and began to capture snippets of life in a way that calmed my chattering mind. Since then I have had the privelege of working on films in eleven countries, and have picked up millions of collective views online.

My passions, interests and inspirations change daily, but my goal with film will always be the same: to momentarily take you out of your individual perception of the world, and immerse you in another way of seeing.

(photo by Jenn Juba)


Select Press


Webby Nomination, Best Editing, Rapha Rides LA, 2019
National Geographic Short Film Showcase: 'Thousand Hills of Hope'
Vimeo Staff Picks: 'Rapha Rides LA'
HYPEBEAST, 'Rapha Rides LA'
The Radavist, 'Rapha Rides LA'
Vimeo Staff Picks: 'Age of the Farmer'
The Atlantic's Editors' Picks: 'Age of the Farmer'
National Geographic's Short Film Showcase: 'Age of the Farmer'
Official selection Environmental Film Festival: 'Age of the Farmer'
Official selection Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival: 'Age of the Farmer'
Official selection Best Coast Film Festival: 'Age of the Farmer'
Alaska Airlines' SIFF Channel (In-Flight Entertainment): 'Age of the Farmer'
Vimeo Staff Picks: 'Rapha Rides Boulder'
The Atlantic's Editors' Picks: 'Kukimbia'
Outside Magazine: 'Kukimbia'
Huck Magazine: 'Kukimbia'
Outside Online: 'Hells Canyon'
Vimeo Staff Picks: 'Rapha Rides Seattle'
Official Selection Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 2017: 'Conservation Generation'
Official selection Telluride Mountainfilm 2017: 'Conservation Generation'
Official selection Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2018: 'Conservation Generation'